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There is something about stone that brings us closer to our ancestral past: warmth, cosiness, security...A stone wall look attracts attention while allowing for and even calling out for both formal and daring decoration elements.

PANESPOL STONES offers a wide range of stone-imitation panels with extremely varied finishes, textures, shapes, and predominantly warm and natural tones - great for featuring in the most uplifting of ambiences.

Piedra Oviedo Panespol - Tienda Denim
Piedra Galicia Panespol - Stand
Quebec Oro Panespol – Restaurante
Piedra Teruel Gris Panepsol – Tienda Ski
Piedra Galicia Panespol - Bar
Piedra Navarra Gris Panespol - Recepcion
Piedra teruel Panespol - Ten Supermarket