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PANESPOL TEXTURES is the ideal range for designers exploring new terrains. These are inspired by the wildest elements of nature, and they come in classic revivals or geometric patterns; basic colours such as black and white; and sophisticated gold and silver...a new idea in decorating contemporary and avant-garde surfaces, and a source of inspiration for anyone who would like to see what can be produced by our PANESPOL laboratory-workshop, the powerhouse of our approaches to new, exciting and limitless design proposals, ready to go to the limits of our technical expertise and your imagination.

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Panel Proyectado Panespol - Pull&Bear
Panel Kioto Panespol – Escaparate
Panel Proyectado Panespol - Escaparate tienda
Panel Fuji Pnespol - interior
Panel Etna Oro Panespol - Barra restaurante
Panel Capitoné Rojo Panespol - Interior restaurante
Panel Sinkiang Panespol - barra restaurante