Texturizados de superfícies. Moda Vintage

The Victorian origins of texturising surfaces

Panespol® textiles and textures in historical perspective. It was a brand, spanking new idea when Panespol® founder José Juan Leva Candela first made wall coverings from the strong, practical, and clean material, polyurethane. And among the many natural surfaces we have successfully imitated, the Panespol® catalogue has two sections of highly sophisticated products that mimic […]

Revestimiento decoración imitación madera.

Rustic – the good earth appeal

People choose rustic for a whole woodpile of reasons that mostly have to do with an unchallengeable association with homeliness. And the preference in linking the home to the kind of materials found in mountains and woodland is so strong in certain people that no other association with the warmth and security of shelter is […]

GAMA RAL. Paneles decorativos de poliuretano.

Why we take colour seriously

Panespol® systems are offered in a spectacular range of classic and up-to-the-minute colours. We take colour seriously. Why? The breakdown of colours which the normal human eye can theoretically distinguish is classified by the Optical Society of America as between 7.5 and 10m hues, meaning most of us have the equipment to provide the brain […]