Panespol es capaz de elaborar cualquier proyecto a medida

Tailor vs Taylor – The Panespol® formula for personalised design solutions in quantity

The growth of personalisation in all areas is being rightly welcomed as a liberation from a more than a century of globalised repetition and imitation, in other words brand images that look almost exactly like each other. What everyone really wants is diversity and differentiation, something that has often been easier to achieve for smaller, […]

Video promotional of panespot at Euroshop 2017

Come and see

  Panespol® will be at EUROSHOP 2017 with new ideas and systems that will set trends in decoration for years to come. At last, you can bring even your wildest designs to life. Just tell us what you want to do! Come along to our stand from 5 to 9 March, and you’ll see the […]

Distribuidor paneles Panespol. Paneles decorativos de poliuretano

Italians do it better

Through design and architecture to the Panespol®   market “The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.” – Mark Twain In Italy, the country many regard as the cradle of cool design, Panespol® systems are winning over chains and franchises in the interiors market. The brains behind our Italian job is 73-year-old Luigi Turati, distributor of […]

Sustainable Surfaces. Poliuretano. Polímeros. Material aislante

Sustainable Surfaces

Polyurethane: versatile and green These days you just have to be green. Sustainability is inescapable on a threatened planet, and environmentally unfriendly firms are in the firing line every day for not doing their part. So it’s got to be a good thing that polyurethanes are 100% recyclable. Apart from Panespol® panels that are made […]