Panel decorativo Tiffany Panespol

New stars in the Panespol® universe

New year, new surfaces! Panespol® premieres brave new designs, architectural twists, and some countrified brick delights to usher in 2018. There are four daring new models entering the BETON range in decorative polyurethane: we have finally launched a panel that perfectly captures the classic concrete masonry unit known as the cinder or breeze block (Bloque […]

Panespol produce tableros chapados con auténtica madera de roble para superficies

Oak – for real, forever

The roots of the mighty Oak in design and decoration spread deep though symbolism and tradition, but it has never been so easy to add real Natural Wood to your interiors. Panespol® has now harnessed beautiful, pure wood in form of MDF boards veneered with authentic oak wood. This authentic Oak – NATURAL WOOD® – […]


Beauty and the Brut

Panespol® warms up its Beton range with a clever textural shift A well-known fairy tale teaches us that the Beast does not have a heart of stone. And the two most recent additions to Panespol’s® Beton line prove that with a touch of versatility in design we can bring warmth and beauty to a range […]

Panespol Natural Moss. Paneles de musgo natural.

The Colours of Natural Moss

The imagination that PANESPOL® applies to bring energy to our products is behind the extraordinary range of colours chosen for our range of moss coverings, beginning with the bucolic charm of Hobbitlike forests offered by our six great greens:   Green, Medium Green, Spring Green, Pacific Green, Old Green, and Mint Green.   We do […]