Panespol® panels hold the power to transform: moods, perceptions, identities, satisfaction…

Like the best chameleons, we know how to blend practical objectives with colour and effective realism, so that…

…like the best suppliers of the ateliers of the greatest decorative design projects, like the artisans supporting Gaudí, Le Corbusier, Lloyd Wright,…

…we talk creativity with you, the business creative and walk practicality with you, for your economy.

Clients know what they can viably use
to meet the needs and limitations
of the location.”

Satisfying shifting trends is an international
concern. Fashions move geographically
and firms know this. Our panels are made
to the moods the client needs and we think
quick to provide clients with innovative

What will prove successful can come
from the strangest inspiration, often not
from something out there you can see.”

José Juan Leva.
Panespol Founder and Managing Director.