Quality products must come with top service.

From your first enquiry to Panespol®, right through
to full post-sales support, we’ll work to keep you out
of logistical limbos.

We serve big international clients whose image changes
for outlets in almost every country in the world must
happen globally, often almost overnight.

To meet delivery times, we are used to thinking smart and quick in our workshops.

Panespol® will work with you and your ideas -however
dramatic and fantastic- to find convenient and convincing
surfaces that you and your customers will love.

Big firms do the sums and see the savings.

You can’t give clients any old service and hope
it gets you through. Your staff have to understand
that good service is a priority. In this and all other
things I am a perfectionist. I know that a little
scratch or defect means a product that customers
will not buy. If work is bad, I see that and correct it.”

José Juan Leva.
Panespol Founder and Managing Director.