Panespol® materials meet international fire safety
standards for both interior and exterior purposes,
fully satisfying your architectural and retail design
needs. They do not melt and will not serve as a base
for combustion.

Non-toxic, stable, inert chemically, acid-resistant,
unaffected by salt water or industrial gases, Panespol®
panels do not rot or disintegrate in any form.


GREEN. Our polyurethane is 100% biodegradable
and can be rebonded, chemically recycled, or
incinerated for energy recovery in line with all local
and national regulations.

We love helping our customers, so get in touch with our
head office or your national Panespol® distributor if you
need information on safety standards for your business.

Our initial period of R&D involved
a two-year process of checking qualities
and searching for the most fireproof and
non-toxic formula. I’m hard-headed
and never give up the search.”

José Juan Leva.
Panespol Founder and Managing Director.