At Panespol® we invest heavily in research and development to supply everything from the shock of the new to revivalist trends.

We keep ahead of the times and meet the challenges faced by our clients.

Fashions in finishes, forms, and textures come and go. Today, white brick is the cool choice; tomorrow, the chameleon needs another color to compete in a mercurial business environment.


When we say yes to your project, we take
on the risk of delivering the quality you need
and meeting your deadlines.”

José Juan Leva.
Panespol Founder and Managing Director.

No.1 worldwide in design and manufacture
of polyurethane-based wall coverings.

In Alicante province (Spain) since 2000
serving leading clients in international retail,
architecture, and interiors.

  • Cutting edge technology (we have our own polyurethane patents).
  • Constant research and development.
  • Highly personalised attention.
  • Creative solutions for demanding projects.
  • Full, efficient, logistical support.

Architects who study our systems fall in love
with their qualities. It meets their requirements
and we can meet their wildest demands.”

José Juan Leva.
Panespol Founder and Managing.