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EuroShop – window no. 1 for Panespol®
in Germany

Up to 40% of visitors to the Euroshop retail fair next March 5-9 in Düsseldorf will come from the host country of Germany, making the event a major domestic showcasing opportunity for products by PANESPOL®. The importance of the gathering in the world of store decoration was recently underlined by our distributor in Germany, WVS, […]

Architects’ desires for design – the key to Panespol’s®
German successes

Since 2008, Panespol® has steadily built up a name in Germany through its distributor WVS, whose managing director Edmund Ostrowski has the know-how and experience to match top product to large and small design projects. In Germany, our products reach hotel and shop designers, medical centres, the furniture industry, many kinds of venues, and exhibition […]

Euroshop: where shops go shopping for ideas

Keeping up with the very latest in retail means visiting an almighty event such as EuroShop, where Panespol® aims to make an impression as one of the 2,500 exhibitors next March 5-9 in Düsseldorf.   It’s a triennial event. In other words, it doesn’t happen often! Once every three years is considered by many to […]

Buoyant UK shops and restaurants welcome “superior” Panespol ideas

UK distributor sees big future for polyurethane wall panels Retail and restaurants are thriving elements in a UK marketplace that has welcomed Panespol® since 2006, and where, says the local distributor of these exciting wall covering systems, “there seems to be no lack of investment in new outlets and refurbishing existing ones.” Big names on […]

Sustainable Surfaces

Polyurethane: versatile and green These days you just have to be green. Sustainability is inescapable on a threatened planet, and environmentally unfriendly firms are in the firing line every day for not doing their part. So it’s got to be a good thing that polyurethanes are 100% recyclable. Apart from Panespol® panels that are made […]

The fairy tale startup
of Panespol®

For Alice it all started with a white rabbit. For Jack the Giant Slayer, the startup was selling the family cow for a handful of beans. Small ideas can grow into huge ones, but they tend to get going through a mixture of necessity and curiosity. The Panespol® story had a similar starting point, back […]

The chameleon is communication
– be who you want to be

We have a chameleon in us at Panespol®. Why? Because what we bring you with the realism and style of our durable, environmentally-friendly polyurethane surface coverings is a little trick learned from millions of years of the evolution of life on earth.   In business, as in nature, you need to be what you want to be. […]

Panespol®, always inventing, always up to standard

In addition to their lightness, easy transportability, perfect ductility for cutting and shaping, our decorative panels have another key advantage, one we had to work very hard on to make our own: strength. The resilience of Panespol® systems comes from our determination to find the right formulas for all our work. When our managing director, José […]

The international train of ideas

Ideas, like large rivers, never have just one source. Willy Ley, rocket scientist (1906 -1969)     In common with many successful companies, Panespol® lifted off from just one great basic idea. But unless you want to fall out of the sky, you cannot stop there. To maintain your impetus, ideas must keep coming. So, […]

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