Urban Brick 3002 (Ray Ban) - Panespol

Infinite colours

Colour is one of the key elements in any spatial design project. Good use of colour is not only capable of generating volumes and separating spaces, it also conveys sensations to the person who is or will be occupying the space. As human beings we link emotions and moods to different colours, something that design […]

Pop-Up Store_Panespol

Pop Up Stores: Experiences in ephemeral spaces

One of the most widespread trends in the retail world during recent years has been the creation of ephemeral commercial spaces. Known as pop-up stores, these spaces don’t usually last very long as they’re timed to coincide with a product launch, a particular sales period or a specific event. Apart from their purpose, and the […]

Textures_Panespol Textures_Panespol

TEXTURES: Materials that tell a story

When speaking of decoration or creation of a space, the focus is placed on the use of colour, on lighting or the proper selection of materials as main elements to make the idea sketched on the mood board a reality. But how important are textures in design? The texture of a material or surface is […]

Panespol Systems elabora paneles y piezas tridimensionales en acabado alto-brillo.


There’s nothing like true brilliance if you want to shine in this world. Panespol® launches its new High Gloss finish, a stunning way to add ambient lustre and candescence to any surface. We have researched and experimented to find out how to successfully apply this brilliance as a special coating in any RAL colour to […]

Panel decorativo Tiffany Panespol

New stars in the Panespol® universe

New year, new surfaces! Panespol® premieres brave new designs, architectural twists, and some countrified brick delights to usher in 2018. There are four daring new models entering the BETON range in decorative polyurethane: we have finally launched a panel that perfectly captures the classic concrete masonry unit known as the cinder or breeze block (Bloque […]