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Sustainability is a must for a planet under threat, and companies that aren’t environmentally friendly are coming under constant scrutiny for not doing their bit.

As far as we’re concerned, apart from Panespol products, which are made from completely natural materials – like our  Natural range – all our decorative panels tick all the right boxes in terms of their sustainability and ecological credentials.

Another issue that has been placed firmly on the European Commission agenda is indoor air quality (IAQ). We’re all spending more time indoors and substances like tobacco, cleaning products, fuel used for cooking and emissions from building materials are common sources of contamination.

This is why at Panespol we work in partnership with suppliers whose commitment to sustainability is the same as ours. The paints we use on our decorative wall coverings improve air quality by removing substances such as formaldehyde (one of the substances listed by the EU as being of great concern in terms of IAQ).

We also use ZERO paints, which are being increasingly used in public spaces like hospitals, gyms, hospitality and public buildings in general. This type of paint contains silver ions (Ag+) that affect practically all known micro-organisms, eliminating a huge variety of bacteria. They also have a protective effect against mildew and fungus and combine low emissions with a careful selection of odourless components.

This enables Panespol to contribute towards purifying rooms while being environmentally friendly and looking after people’s health, which means creating more sustainable spaces.

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