Moulding stones

Stone mouldings are the best option for giving greater impact to wall covering. The Panespol decorative stone moulding brings an enviable realism to the setting, perfectly imitating the stone and can be used both indoors and outdoors. M-001Moldura barra larga M-002Moldura barra ancha M-003Moldura adorno M-005Moldura Elche M-006Moldura Alcoy

Mouldings Wood

A good option for giving an aged and wine cellar touch to any environment is the use of Panespol decorative wood moulding. It brings distinction and realism to any setting since it faithfully imitates the robust touch of wood. In addition, exposed wooden beams have become one of the trends in architecture for both indoor […]


Placing beams on the ceiling is a completely original decorative resource and can make everyone fall in love with it. In addition, corbels give a perfect final finish to the design. Thanks to Panespol, any decorator can use both without the need for building work and its installation is very simple. Panespol beams and corbels […]