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At Panespol we believe that there is a better way of doing things, that it is possible to generate prosperity and economic growth, improving people’s quality of life and conserving the environment.

We are committed to the sustainable advancement of our products by innovating in the safety of each process. We examine their lifecycle, from the origin of our raw materials through to the end of their service life and we make sure to generate a value chain that is sensitive to environmental sustainability.

Panespol, building a better world

Sustainability Report

17 sustainable development goals

At Panespol we have adhered to the set of global goals adopted by the UN. We have developed and implemented good practices related to our activity and in line with this agenda. Through specific initiatives, we have integrated part of the SDGs into our corporate strategy, to help build a better world.

17ODS Panespol

Ecofriendly raw material: foam with recycled PET

In terms of sustainable materials, our raw material it has a series of characteristics that give our products properties that work with the environment: is an effective thermal insulator that helps reduce energy consumption, prevents the proliferation of fungi and mould, and has zero gas emissions. In addition, at Panespol we use natural and water-based materials, and our panels have a fireproof certificate.

2030 circular economy: recycling Panespol products

The Spanish Circular Economy Strategy, España Circular 2030, lays the foundations towards the promotion of a new production and consumption model in which the value of products, materials, and resources remain in the economy for as long as possible, thus minimising the generation of waste and taking the greatest possible advantage of those that cannot be avoided. Thus far, we have been able to grind our products and we have incorporated 20% of the amount obtained into the manufacturing of new products, contributing to Spain’s efforts to achieve a sustainable and efficient economy in the use of resources.

Reciclaje Panespol

New natural fibre raw material

At Panespol we lead the way in the use of new fully biodegradable raw materials. We have the development and ability to manufacture the same decorative panels but using a completely natural, sustainable and ecological raw material. We use bio mesh made from woven biodegradable natural fibres.

Fibra Natural Panespol

Reduced Carbon Footprint

We are totally committed to the environment and to reducing our carbon footprint. We have developed an advanced Climate Action Plan that began with measuring our carbon footprint over the last 2 years and designing a roadmap that will allow us to reduce, and even neutralise, the impact generated by our commercial activity. This effort has been recognised by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge which has awarded Panespol a certificate and has recognised the effort in the 32% reduction of our Carbon Footprint.

ISO 14001

At Panespol we are proud to be in the process of obtaining this certification, which will accredit us as a sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly company. We have incorporated environmental aspects into management, company organisation and throughout our production chain with some actions such as waste separation and subsequent collection, environmental and noise level measurements and the use of paints that do not emit gases.

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