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  • Grunge Brick

  • Block Brick

  • Wall Brick

    Ambiente PX 183 Wall Brick Red Cassel PANESPOL
  • Long Brick

    Ambiente PX 182 Long Brick Envejecido
  • Espiga

    Ambiente PX 178 Espiga Tejas PANESPOL
  • Aldaia

    Ambiente PX 001 Aldaia PANESPOL
  • Viejo

    Ambiente PX 105 Ladrillo Viejo Envejecido PANESPOL
  • Caravista

    Ambiente PX 015 Caravista PANESPOL
  • Urban Brick

    Ambiente PX 084 3002 Urban Brick PANESPOL
  • Refractario

    Ambiente PX 002 9016 Refractario PANESPOL
  • Tosco

  • English Brick

    Ambiente PX 147 English Brick PANESPOL
  • Nuevo

    Ambiente PX 023 Nuevo PANESPOL
  • Rustic Brick

    Ambiente PX 097 Rustic Brick PANESPOL
  • Country Brick

    Ambiente PX 120 KFC Country Brick PANESPOL
  • Santander

    Ambiente PX 032 Santander PANESPOL

Timeless and dynamic. Versatility is one of the requirements for every interior decorator or designer. That is why brick is one of the most popular choices. Decoration of walls with brick offers a wide range of possibilities for creating modern, avant-garde and even rustic settings. The PANESPOL BRICKS line suggests a feeling of warmth and strength that gives personality to any space thanks to our wide range of decorative panels with a multitude of colour treatments, styles and sizes.

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