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  • Pizarra

    Ambiente PX 010 Pizarra Gris PANESPOL
  • Soria

    Ambiente PX 018 Soria Arena PANESPOL
  • Laja Fina

    Ambiente PX 059 Laja Fina Multicolor PANESPOL
  • Castilla

    Ambiente PX 087 Laja Castilla PANESPOL
  • Pirineos

  • Valladolid

    Ambiente PX 061 Valladolid Negro PANESPOL
  • Laja Pizarra

    Ambiente PX-039 Laja Pizarra Blanco PANESPOL

An assortment of textures. Slates are an essential part of construction and decoration. They can offer a robust and varied texture that in turn brings elegance and distinction. The PANESPOL SLATES line recreates this material with a wide variety of shapes, colours and textures.

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