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  • Palm Wood

    Ambiente P 168 Palm Wood PANESPOL
  • Tabla Rústica Nogal

    Ambiente PX 049 Tabla Rústica Nogal PANESPOL
  • Nebraska

    Ambiente PX 090 Nebraska PANESPOL
  • Troncos

    Ambiente PX 068 Madera Troncos PANESPOL
  • Madera Encofrada

    Ambiente P 133 Madera Encofrada PANESPOL
  • Bambu

    Ambiente P 172 Bambu PANESPOL
  • Arizona

    AMBIENTE PX 089 Arizona Nogal Claro PANESPOL 2
  • Aragón

    Ambiente PX 081 Aragón PANESPOL

Warmth and comfort. Sculpting the characteristics of wood is not a simple task. Luckily, the PANESPOL WOOD decorative line offers the touch of warmth that connects us with our most ancestral natural essence. It also has the advantages of being insulating, lightweight, strong and easy to install.

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