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  • Elba

  • Beton Industrial

  • Beton Quebrado

    Ambiente TX 047 Beton Quebrado PANESPOL
  • Cortina

    AMBIENTE PX 141 9003 Cortina
  • Beton Tablas

    Ambiente TX 022 Beton Tablas PANESPOL
  • Smooth Beton

    Ambiente TX 018 Smooth Beton PANESPOL
  • Rough Beton

    Ambiente TX 019 Rough Beton PANESPOL
  • Stucco

    Ambiente T 020 Stucco PANESPOL
  • Tiffany

    Ambiente PX 143 9003 Tiffany PANESPOL
  • Bloque Hormigón

    Ambiente PX 125 7030 Bloque Hormigón PANESPOL
  • Beton Medio

    Ambiente TX 038 Beton Medio PANESPOL
  • Beton Encofrado

    Ambiente TX 039 Beton Encofrado PANESPOL

Avant-garde and minimalism. Thanks to our imitation cement panels it is very easy to achieve high impact surfaces and cutting-edge settings.

PANESPOL BETON faithfully reproduces different types of cement with varying degrees of air pockets – characteristic blemishes of concrete walls or formwork produced using a wooden board. What really attracts the attention to this material is its ability to create continuous surfaces that unify settings, to find that loft style so sought after by many decorators. This type of panel is also available with aged effects.

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