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Ideas do not only come from a moment of inspiration. It is well known that inspiration comes while you are working. But in addition, good ideas are really the beginning of a huge cycle of much work that they need to be turned into something tangible and real.

Our story

The history of PANESPOL is the story of José Juan Leva and his efforts to turn a good idea into reality. Today that reality is on the walls of thousands of homes, fashion stores, restaurants and hotels around the world.

CoAs happens in families, our history determines and sketches a part of our personality. Today, PANESPOL is a team trained to open new pathways, delve happily into the unknown and be very agile in offering useful answers.

This team has an entrepreneurial spirit. It fully knows what innovation is. This team has grown up adapting to the needs of the market and its firm intention is to listen carefully to every attempt at customisation. Because we know that it helps us become better. For this team, there is no “it can’t be done” because we were born with the conviction that it can.

Our history


  • Panespol Systems was set up with headquarters in Alcoy.


  • Consolidation of the company across Spain with sales through Leroy Merlin stores.

Best business growth

  • Award for Best Business Growth from CEEI-IMPIVA.

Startup of the international department

  • International sales through Leroy Merlin stores in Portugal, France and Italy.


  • Panespol opens to markets abroad and starts working with Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.
  • Obtained the Fireproof Certificate according to the French M1 and German B1 standards.

Retail sector

  • The company started working with the retail sector in decorating commercial spaces through the Burger King franchise.
  • Panespol obtained the Young Entrepreneurs Award from JOVEMAC.

Certificate for exteriors

  • Obtained the Certificate for Exteriors according to the UNE EN 438-6:2005 standard from Aitex.

Extension of facilities

  • Panespol changes its facilities.
  • Award for the Best Product in Paving and Covering by the magazine “Arte y Cemento” (Art and Cement).
  • Obtained the Fireproof Certificate B-s1,d0 according to the UNE-EN ISO 11925-2:2011 and UNE EN ISO 13823:2012+A1 standards from Aitex.

Certificate of Thermal Resistance

  • Obtained the Fireproof Certificate B-s1,d0 according to the UNE-EN ISO 11925-2:2011 and UNE EN ISO 13823:2012+A1 standards from Aitex.
  • Obtained the Fireproof Certificate according to the Russian standard.
  • Launch of Big Panels: the same products (decorative panels) but in formats of up to 3 metres squared.

Natural Moss

  • New Natural Range: real moss panels from the forests of Northern Europe.

Custom Made projects

  • Panespol starts working in the window dressing and custom-made products sectors with Grupo Inditex.
  • Expansion of the R&D Department.
  • Creation of Panespol Custom Made: custom-made projects.

New imagen

  • Presentation of the new image and restyling of the brand.
  • Responsive website adapted to the new image.

Internationalisation Australia

  • Introduction of the product to the Australian market.

Farewell to José Juan Leva

  • Creation of the new TILES range, decorative panels that imitate tiles.
  • Gold Medal for Merit at Work awarded by the European Economic and Competitiveness Association.
  • Expansion of the facilities: R&D department.
  • Death of José Juan Leva, founding member and company manager.

Finishes department

  • Work with new products and manufacture of finishes: marble, terrazzo, craquelure, rust and high gloss.
  • Obtained the Fireproof Certificate according to the Australian and New Zealand standards.


  • Recycling raw materials
  • Manufacturing with a new raw material based on natural fibres
  • Calculating the carbon footprint
  • Implementing ISO 14001

Our origins

The concept of Panespol decorative panel systems as surface-covering materials emerged with the realisation by the firm’s founder and Director General, José Juan Leva—a former technician and entrepreneur in arts and crafts supplies—that the possibilities and features of traditional decorative coverings made of plaster and other heavy materials could be revolutionised through manufacture with PET recycled polymers.

Not only did this eliminate the issue of working with and transporting weighty materials, but it also solved the problem of waste due to fragility and crumbling. Decorative panels are cleaner, more adaptable for painting and adding textures, and a considerable economic saving is achieved through their easier installation in decoration projects that must frequently be carried out in spaces of difficult access and under stringent noise and other regulations.

In the first years of researching sustainable materials, Leva developed a lighter and far more resistant material, one of many formulas patented by Panespol. Further research also improved the performance of the firm’s materials in fire and flammability testing, as well in those designed to assure nontoxicity of materials for specific uses.

The first Panespol® systems featuring mural coverings in tough, practical, and clean material were not long in coming. The company responded to this successful development by expanding its facilities from a small workshop to a large warehouse in a modern estate surrounded by the required infrastructure of the industrial town of Alcoy (Alicante), Spain. During a period of careful but continual growth, these coverings for internal and external walls were first introduced into the marketplace through the DIY store chain, Leroy Merlin.

In 2008, a specially-commissioned ‘Caravista’ brick wallcovering by Panespol became a brand-enhancing element of Burger King restaurants throughout Europe. This triggered renewed investment by the Spanish interior design company in facilities, new decorative formulas, expert staff, and processes to satisfy the demand of retail and ‘contract’ sectors in which constant changes of look, customer allurement, and the need to shorten makeover times set great challenges for any company aiming to become a leading or ‘official’ supplier of surface design.

The future is personalized

To meet the high demand of a market future in which public spaces must combat a surge in online shopping and insular, stay-at-home lifestyles by creating differential ambiences and marketable visual hooks and backdrops for windows and interiors, Panespol’s experience in working with architects and decorators worldwide led to its creating a bespoke service in 2016 for the creation of 3D objects.

Custom made is a service that allows customers to work together with Panespol to create any exclusive surface coverings, special finishes, or three-dimensional objects, made to measure and for series production, encompassing manufacture in any colour, shape, size, or texture, and using any feasible materials, including the Natural Moss® range or complex wooden structures as a basis for store design elements.

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