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Currently, high-street brands and restaurants need to transform their commercial spaces, more and more frequently. They are places where people go to have a certain type of experience. So each change is an opportunity to reflect the personality of the brand. Therefore making a choice of something that is “not on the menu” has stopped being exceptional. Panespol does not only work on walls. We also work with light volumetric structures and three-dimensional figures that are strong and easy to transport, multiplying the range of creativity possible.

How does it work?

1. Share your idea with us

You can give us your design and we will offer you alternative proposals to materialise your ideas. We will perform a feasibility study of the plan and start work.

2. We will make a prototype

When the design has been approved on paper, we will develop a prototype and show it to you so you can tell us if it meets your expectations.

3. We will await your approval

When we have shared the prototype, you can give us the necessary feedback for the final adjustments. At this point, we can start to plan the details for the production.

4. Batch production

When the details of the production have been defined, we will be ready to manufacture a batch to be delivered according to the planned deadlines.

What we can do

Imaginative and intelligent decorative solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. A custom-made and reliable service for all your ideas: any material or combination of materials, shapes, three-dimensionality, etc. Also, any finishes that you can imagine that would add value to your project.

Do you want to create something unique and special for your project? Contact us and materialise your creative ideas with Panespol. Contactar
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