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Our materials stand out for being flame retardant, non-toxic, chemically inert, stable, resistant to acids, salt water and industrial gases. Además de que ni se pudren ni se desintegran.
In addition, they do not rot or disintegrate. That is why Panespol strictly complies with international safety regulations, offering a resistant and guaranteed material verified by our technical data sheets and existing certificates.

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All the products in our catalogue have a B1 flame retardant coating that prevents the panels from burning, withstanding temperatures of up to 80 degrees until they begin to deform into a concave shape.

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The developed panels are lightweight and offer a fully tested resistance. In addition, they are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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The materials used to manufacture the panels as well as any element in the Panespol catalogue are totally non-toxic. Their formulation is made from substances that are not harmful.

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Quick and easy

Installation is very simple. The system used to assemble the panels facilitates assembly throughout the entire process.

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No works

The installation does not generate noise and produces hardly any dust. This translates into advantages for all those who are faced with its installation.


Panespol systems are characterised by their strong resistance and durability. This quality, unlike other traditional materials, avoids loss of time or money due to breakage during handling or transport.

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