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  • Flat Stone

  • Quebec

  • Muro

    Ambiente PX 044 Muro PANESPOL
  • Travertino

    Ambiente PX 048 Travertino PANESPOL
  • Sydney

    Ambiente T 007 Sydney PANESPOL
  • Teruel

    Ambiente PX 056 Teruel Blanco PANESPOL
  • Segovia

    Ambiente PX 078 Segovia Gris Musgo PANESPOL
  • Ross River

    Ambiente P 096 9016
  • Río

    Ambiente P 051 Piedra Río PANESPOL
  • Oviedo

    Ambiente PX 064 Oviedo PANESPOL
  • Navarra

    Ambiente PX 066 Navarra Gris PANESPOL
  • Marmolejo

    Ambiente PX 067 Marmolejo PANESPOL
  • Galicia

    Ambiente PX 076 Galicia Gris Musgo PANESPOL
  • Cuenca

    Ambiente PX 016 Cuenca PANESPOL
  • Burgos

    Ambiente P 063 Burgos Chocolate
  • Nepal

    Ambiente T 011 Nepal PANESPOL
  • Mármol Travertino

    Ambiente T 021 Mármol Travertino PANESPOL
  • Cantabria

    Ambiente PX 034 Cantabria PANESPOL
  • Cuenca Restos

    Ambiente PX 045 Cuenca Restos PANESPOL

Character and warmth. Stone is a material that does not go out of style, a decorative covering that attracts all the attention and plays the leading role in the setting. The use of stone gives a genuine sign of style in each project, creating comfortable, elegant and welcoming spaces.

PANESPOL STONES offers a wide range of imitation stone panels with varied finishes, textures and shapes, in which warm and natural tones predominate and that can preside over the most inspiring settings.

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