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Square Tile

The Square Tile decorative panel is the representation of a simple material that provides luminosity, cleanliness and reflection. It is a perfect alternative for quickly creating elegant and discreet spaces. PX-176 9003Square Tile Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint Touch up paint Pigment PX-176 9003 MA-004 MA-013 PT-NGR M JNT PT-BLN […]

Rustic Tile

Talking about a rustic style is not talking about an outdated style. The Panespol Rustic Tile decorative panel makes any corner into a rustic setting without giving up on the elegance and luminosity of tiles. In addition, its simple installation enables the creation of a unique aesthetic without the need for builders. PX-150 9010Rustic Tile […]


The characteristic shape is immediately recognisable by anyone who has travelled by underground in recent years. The way they are arranged, imitating brick, and their typical bevel has made it an essential component for covering. The Panespol Metro decorative tile panel features a rectangular tile surface that enhances the brightness of any space. In addition, […]

Classic Tile

Several years ago, small-sized tiles came into favour in interior design. And they came to stay because it was recognised that they achieve a luminous effect from a simple composition. Panespol Classic Tile brings the shine that makes a space unique without neglecting the most traditional part of this material, that of being ideal for […]

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