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Three-dimensionality is perhaps the mantra for the boldest interior designer. Coverings with volume are a great alternative when it comes to creating genuine environments that stand out for the uniqueness of their fabric rather than for their endless colour options. But when these two factors come together you get aesthetic solutions like the Panespol Cube […]

Iron Rods

TTraditionally, ironhas been used mainly in the decoration of rustic-style spaces, or in those where the intention was to create a more industrial feel. However, this way of using wrought iron has evolved considerably. Iron is a material that can provide a touch of elegance, personality and beauty with its matte black tone and of course its robust composition. Panespol Iron […]


Panespol Telde decorative panels successfully create urban and industrial environments, realistically imitating metal in both their finish and colour as well as in their rust-effect look. They make the ideal covering for creating modern, daring and cosmopolitan spaces. TX-053Telde Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint Touch up paint Pigment TX-053 MA-004 MA-0013 […]

Street Floor

Open spaces take on a particular appeal with each type of decorative stone. The material’s ideal dose of personality and character make it possible to create environments in keeping with a rustic, ancestral style. Panespol Flat Stones decorative panels inspire elegance and tradition with their flat, asymmetric stones. This is a great option for recreating environments inspired by […]


Panespol Sand decorative coveringis the ideal aesthetic solution for innovating in all those idyllic environments that call for a different touch. This versatile decorative covering is easy to install and suitable for both walls and floors. T-051Sand Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint Touch up paint Pigment T-051 MA-004 MA-F21070 PT-BLN PT-BLN


The Panespol Sinkiang decorative panel creates bold, modern and different environments. This wall covering is based on a rhythmic geometry that leaves no one indifferent. In addition, the colour range in which the material is manufactured spans from white to black covering the entire RAL colour spectrum, so when you create, the only limit is […]


The Kioto decorative panel is the secret of any window dresser who wants to capture everyone’s interest by giving the setting a contemporary and avant-garde style. In addition, its wide range of colours suggests trends, making it possible to create spaces that stand out through making use of metallic tones. T-001 9016Kioto T-001 9005Kioto T-001 […]


The creation of a singular space depends on the ability of an interior designer to think that anything is possible. The Panespol Fuji decorative panel enables you to copy the traditional essence of Japanese interiors, recreating with admirable perfection the texture and composition of the volcanic stones of Mount Fujiyama to create innovative settings with […]


The Panespol Etna decorative panel is the best alternative to perfectly emulate volcanic stones. Thanks to these panels, walls acquire a novel and unique appearance, giving the setting a warm and modern decoration that is difficult to match. They are manufactured in the entire RAL colour range thus matching the identity of the space to […]


Covering walls with clay brings a sense of nature and shine to open spaces. In addition, its colour and composition evokes order. The Panespol Termoarcilla decorative panel has a rectilinear weave that imitates the edges of the baked clay blocks and serves as the context for any display window or shop design. PX-124 9003Termoarcilla PX-124 […]

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