The Panespol Sinkiang decorative panel creates bold, modern and different environments. This wall covering is based on a rhythmic geometry that leaves no one indifferent. In addition, the colour range in which the material is manufactured spans from white to black covering the entire RAL colour spectrum, so when you create, the only limit is […]


The Kioto decorative panel is the secret of any window dresser who wants to capture everyone’s interest by giving the setting a contemporary and avant-garde style. In addition, its wide range of colours suggests trends, making it possible to create spaces that stand out through making use of metallic tones. T-001 9016Kioto T-001 9005Kioto T-001 […]


The creation of a singular space depends on the ability of an interior designer to think that anything is possible. The Panespol Fuji decorative panel enables you to copy the traditional essence of Japanese interiors, recreating with admirable perfection the texture and composition of the volcanic stones of Mount Fujiyama to create innovative settings with […]


The Panespol Etna decorative panel is the best alternative to perfectly emulate volcanic stones. Thanks to these panels, walls acquire a novel and unique appearance, giving the setting a warm and modern decoration that is difficult to match. They are manufactured in the entire RAL colour range thus matching the identity of the space to […]


Covering walls with clay brings a sense of nature and shine to open spaces. In addition, its colour and composition evokes order. The Panespol Termoarcilla decorative panel has a rectilinear weave that imitates the edges of the baked clay blocks and serves as the context for any display window or shop design. PX-124 9003Termoarcilla PX-124 […]


The Panespol Proyectado panel is a good alternative for any decorator who seeks to stand out by using a perfect “noisy” graphic that contrasts with more regular and linear shapes. Like the other Panespol models, this panel can be painted in any RAL colour, which gives it great versatility. PX-134 7030Proyectado PX-134 9016Proyectado Technical specification […]


Achieving symmetry, shine and distinction using small squares with a texture that evokes luxury is a simple task thanks to the Panespol Kashi decorative panel. In addition, this panel is offered in any RAL colour that allows multiple combinations. TX-025 9005Kashi TX-025 9016Kashi TX-025 PLATAKashi TX-025 OROKashi TX-025 OROKashi Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive […]


Capitoné can be defined as an upholstery technique with “button rivets” that was used both on the seats and to line the insides of some living room furniture. Nowadays it even applies to other fashion elements such as footwear or bags. However, Capitoné decorative panels can upholster walls with this material, simulating the textures of […]