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Architects see golden topping in our stylish wall coverings.

It is always a moment of pride for us when architects choose Panespol® systems to bring a touch of class to new projects.

The Quebec ORO panels used for this tea room/ice-cream parlour in Portugal are a perfect example of how a sophisticated combination of ideas and materials can be pulled together by the right topping; in this case our 89cm x 59cm gold slate panels deliver a touch of luxury within a stately blend of blue and cream seating, and a natural wood feel in flooring.

Designed and coordinated by architect Márcio Moreira for the Traço M-Arquitectura studio, the role of Panespol® Systems is crucial to the overall effect.



The slate texture of each slab is suggestive of great riches from the Earth’s natural geological resources. This Quebec ORO model is used in effective measure, covering certain interior walls, and a corner section adjacent to the tea-room’s centre of operations. Details such as modern chandeliers and carefully-placed high-grade mirrors enhance the air of luxury.

As part of the architect’s subtle juxtapositioning of elements from different eras of decorative splendour, the gold colour suggests many of the exquisite postprandial delights that are traditionally wrapped in auric radiance.

Remember, though, that each panel, however weighty it looks in this colour of the famous Canadian ore, is light and easy to apply, requiring no building work. Then, of course, the panels are sturdy, ecological, and fireproof. With so many advantages, recommending gold to architects never came easier.


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