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Hyperrealist D-Day bombing scene shows off Panespol’s art to museumgoers

Battle aftermaths, city ruins, wreckage and destruction. The scenes of history, especially from wartime, must be well recreated if they are not to disappoint. And modern museums in search of convincing reconstructions to help recount their histories call these days for top skills and technology to create the atmospheres their visitors expect. May 19 saw […]

Our slate makes MasterChef in Spain!

The broad, appetisting appeal of Panespol® systems could not have wished for a better showcasing opportunity than being the main element of the set for a TV MasterChef show. Set in the snowy surroundings of the ski resort of Cerler, in the Aragonese Pyrenees, the filming of a recent episode of the Spanish version of the […]

Our white brick puts the wholesome into Madrid hospital cafe image

A new hospital cafe-restaurant brand—La Brunchería—has made the most of one of Panespol’s® most successful panels as part its fresh, modern image. The stylish, bright appeal of a uniform rustic white brick has been built into an interior design to provide a winning contrast with sober browns and Prussian blue, an elegant look a long […]

panels meet Russian specs for fire resistance

Design and decoration projects using Panespol’s® extensive range of wall covering panels have full fire resistance certification within Russian territory. These panels comply with the full technical regulations laid down by Russia and tested for fire resistance and combustibility by the required third-party certifying body. The formula certified by the Russian autorities is one of […]

Panespol® – the international, unstoppable, multidimensional retail surface image machine

When a snowball really starts to roll, its surface area grows exponentially. And as long there is a smooth slope for it to keep on rolling, it will keep on growing. What a perfect metaphor for the phenomenal success of Panespol® ! As a company that specialises in embellishing surfaces, our snowball will roll as long […]

Multidimensional: Panespol laboratory of ideas and materials.

Panespol® is a laboratory of ideas and materials, a world of inventiveness in made-to-measure three-dimensional shapes, objects, displays, and structures for your most ambitious projects in retail, interiors, and architecture. See some of the amazing creations we have been asked to produce for top clients worldwide, from stone monoliths with LEDS to our fantastic natural […]

The good wall for The Good Burger

Spanish burger masters wrap their restaurants in an exclusive Panespol® design.   The Good Burger, a new restaurant chain bringing fine burgers to Spanish shopping spaces, wants its interiors to reflect its up-market food offer. TGB aims to build a reputation for the “best good burger” by focusing its efforts on quality food ingredients while […]

Pans & Company new image…with Panespol®

Stylish, easy-fit, hard-wearing wall covering helps food chain brighten image and boost sales Quality and comfort are two of the key factors being boosted by the Spanish fast food chain, Pans & Company, as it carries out an ambitious expansion plan in 2016, complete with a new brighter image to draw more custom. And the […]

The rustic touch for modern blends

Panespol® offers such a range of wall coverings that we have all you need when you need an association with country life, especially at altitude. And it can blend superbly with some of our subtle, more modern panels. Some of the leading clients of Panespol® have opted for brilliant combinations using a semi-rustic effect, the […]