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We have a chameleon in us at Panespol®.


Because what we bring you with the realism and style of our durable, environmentally-friendly polyurethane surface coverings is a little trick learned from millions of years of the evolution of life on earth.


In business, as in nature, you need to be what you want to be.

The skin you’re in will allow you to appear to be whatever best enhances your chances of survival. And if you guarantee survival by sending the right messages, you get a good shot at the next goal: success.

Chameleons can adapt and change to match an incredible range of backgrounds for camouflage, to blend in, just as your business or organisation must do to keep up with transforming trends and social codes.

All designers and decorators exist because of the business advantages of carrying out correct social signaling. This is an evolutionary advantage too; those individuals that have best played the survival game have formed successful group relationships…

…just as you know you must do with your customers, to impress your investors, the media, and even your rivals.


Chameleons have done this pretty well. They have been around since the Middle Paleocene, about 60 millions years ago. We like them.


What we do at Panespol® is give you the gift of the chameleon, the skin to not only make your concern feel like a key member of the group, but also to stand out, and to attract.

This is something our old world lizards do to perfection…

…with the right colours,…

…with the right textures,…

…with surfaces that remind everyone of where they feel best.

In fact, Panespol® wall coverings share with the chameleon its great power to reach out, the skin you need to control social interaction, the essence of design and decoration:



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