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People choose rustic for a whole woodpile of reasons that mostly have to do with an unchallengeable association with homeliness.

And the preference in linking the home to the kind of materials found in mountains and woodland is so strong in certain people that no other association with the warmth and security of shelter is quite as good.

Brown, usually in untreated textures, is the key colour in all these stones and wood feels. Although brown is generally considered a neutral tone, when it comes to the pyschological stimulus of rustic decoration, there’s not much neutrality about it. This colour, often a mix of so many other colours, brings us the good earth feeling, a contact with nature, stability without confinement, structure without perfectionism, solidity without oppression, organic growth, a good de-stress, loyal friendship, real fires, and a fine spread of tasty food.

Not surprisingly, it’s a safe choice for many restaurant concerns.

Among recently released Panespol® coverings, you’ll find a range of names mostly taken from the hilly, sylvan areas of Spain. There are some undeniably bucolic models here which fit the design aims of anyone wanting a 100% rustic setting, such as Piedra Galicia, Piedra Cuenca, Piedra Segovia, and Tabla Rustica.

All four blend magnificently with comfortable lighting, country-style furniture and fittings, all kinds of wood and stone flooring, and wooden beams. And Panespol® can also supply you from our extensive collections of mouldings and beams.

For those who want a hint of rustic but in forms and textures that easily blend with less rustic, more modern materials, we recommend you take a look at these other recent arrivals: Nebraska; Navarra Gris; Laja Castilla; Rustic Brick; Arizona; Soria Arena; Laja; Pirineos; Laja Fina.

This selection offers not only some classic outdoor brick-effects, but some finer and more sophisticated stone shapes. By slightly increasing the colour temperature and the homely appeal of your spaces, any of these will enhance settings featuring modern furniture or product.

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