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For Alice it all started with a white rabbit. For Jack the Giant Slayer, the startup was selling the family cow for a handful of beans.

Small ideas can grow into huge ones, but they tend to get going through a mixture of necessity and curiosity.

The Panespol® story had a similar starting point, back when the firm’s creator, José Juan Leva Candela, found himself staring at a blank wall in his little country house, wondering how to bring some life to it and the room it enclosed.

At this time, around the turn of the millennium, José Juan had been making polyurethane figures and mouldings for artists and crafts hobbyists. Without realising it, he had already stumbled on his beanstalk.

Necessity – mother of invention

 “I had a small house out in the country and I’m very good at all kinds of DIY,”

began José Juan.

“I wanted something that was easy to apply, that would look good, and that wouldn’t need cement or plastering, because this was something I hadn’t mastered,”

he continued.

After giving it some thought, José decided to see what he could find at a local decoration supplies shop.

“I found a pretty poor imitation of brick but made of plaster, so I bought a box and thought that it would do the trick if I could just stick it on the wall.”

But when the box arrived, the plaster contents were broken like a meringue, a very familiar story for anyone who has tried to work with imitation coverings made of brittle and heavy materials.

“So, a little light came on in my head and since I was working with polyurethane, I saw that if I made this of polyurethane it would not break and I could make it in bigger sizes,”

“Amazingly, no one had done this, so I made it for myself and then patented it.”

And that is how Panespol® came into being, “a rather silly and simple thing” according to the firm’s managing director.

This “silly thing” is now the simplest, most durable, and practical surface and space transformation invention for entire industries. Architects, designers, and decorators all over the world are delighted with it, and the world of contract furnishing for retail and public use is turning to Panespol® as the first stop for its interior and exterior solutions.

And remember, Panespol® is the brand, beware of imitations.

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