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Videos make assembling Panespol® a piece of cake.

Applying Panespol® panels to your walls and surfaces is NOT at all work-intensive (and far more economical than having to do building work).

Just follow our videos and you’ll see how easy it really is.

Of course, there are people who find nothing easy. So, let’s just say that doing things the PANESPOL® way is not going to be tricky at all if you:

  • Prepare your surfaces
  • Have the right basic tools for measuring and cutting
  • Lay out your materials for easy access
  • Think and plan ahead

and (or did we already say this?),…


  1. Mounting wall coverings using Panespol®

  1. Assembling Panespol® polyurethane decorative panels

  1. Simple assembly of Panespol® coverings


So, DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEOS? Now you know, Panespol® assembly is just a bit more difficult than wrapping a birthday present, but far easier than making the birthday cake!

And now you also know how much fun it can be.

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