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Our imitation cement panels mean you can work very easily with a full range of striking surfaces in modern settings.

PANESPOL BETON faithfully reproduces different types of cement and beton brut, complete with blemishes such as hollow-spots and air pockets that feature in concrete walls or the lines left by wood formwork mouldings. These are also available with a faux aged effect.

Beton Tablas Panespol - cafeteria
Rough Beton Panespol - Levi's
Smooth Beton Panespol - Tienda
Beton Encofrado Panespol – Tienda
Beton Medio Panespol - Oficina
Smooth Beton Panespol – Interior Casa
Bloque Hormigon Panepsol - Escaparate tienda
Brton Tiffany Panespol - Escaparate tienda