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Beton Quebrado

Symmetry always plays a fundamental role in avant-garde decoration; the straight line is part of this movement. However, the Beton Quebrado decorative panel shows that this style can follow unexplored paths, creating imperfections in the concrete that give distinction to any space. This is the ideal panel if you want to give more prominence to […]


El panel Panespol Cortina tiene una construcción muy particular que facilita la generación de espacios vanguardistas y limpios, con la personalidad suficiente para acaparar todas las miradas e intervenir en los establecimientos comerciales que busquen contar con ambientes diferentes. PX-141 9003Cortina PX-141 7030Cortina Especificaciones técnicas Dimensiones: Complementos de montaje: Adhesivo Masilla Pintura para juntas Pintura […]

Beton Tablas

Achieving the texture of concrete made with planks is almost impossible without resorting to builders. However, Panespol has the solution thanks to this covering. The Beton Tablas decorative panel gives walls a different texture, providing a rustic touch to the setting but without leaving aside the modernity of cement itself. In addition, its installation does […]

Smooth Beton

Faithfully recreating the imperfect cement texture is not a simple task unless you use the Panespol Smooth Beton decorative panel. It provides the possibility of creating contemporary environments with a smooth surface and with a range of austere grey colours with simple assembly. An ideal panel for decorators who seek harmony without contrasts. TX-018Smooth Beton […]

Rough Beton

Trowelled concrete has a rough finish and is appropriate for areas where good grip is an important factor to take into account. However, innovation and exclusivity can also be achieved with this texture by applying it on a wall, as with Panespol Rough Beton decorative panels. TX-019Rough Beton TX-037Rough Beton Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: […]


The Stucco decorative panel is a good alternative for realistically mimicking cement in both colour and texture. It is also waterproof and insulating, which makes it possible to use both indoors and outdoors. With the use of this covering, you can achieve an industrial decoration and an effect that belongs to the most cosmopolitan settings. […]


Symmetry always plays a leading role in avant-garde decoration. The straight layout offered by the Tiffany decorative panel represents a combination of modernity and realism that is increasingly desired by interior designers or decorators. PX-143 7030Tiffany PX-143 9003Tiffany Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint Touch up paint Pigment PX-143 7030 MA-004 […]

Bloque Hormigón

This decorative panel faithfully reproduces the blemishes typical of the classic grey concrete block; a good formula for creating relaxed settings without leaving behind the modernity provided by this material. The Bloque Hormigón decorative panel conveys realism, strength and personality with a clean finish. PX-125 7030Bloque Hormigón PX-125 9016Bloque Hormigón Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: […]

Beton Medio

The Beton Medio decorative panel is a good alternative for giving spaces a loft style without the need to remove partitions. This covering enables you to achieve open environments, with depth and a simple composition, which is an essential ingredient in the most ambitious projects of any decorator. TX-038Beton Medio Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: […]

Beton Encofrado

The Beton Encofrado decorative panel reproduces the texture of cement. Its use enables creating settings that feature versatility, contrast and personality. It is a great choice for giving a space an attractive industrial and innovative atmosphere. TX-039Beton Encofrado Technical Specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint Touch up paint Pigment TX-039 MA-004 MA-002 […]