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Wall Brick

The Wall Brick decorative panel gives life to the unique streets of New York’s most emblematic neighbourhoods. The warm reddish hues together with its finishes and imperfections provide a touch of distinction that can create cosmopolitan and urban settings. A simple and versatile option for recreating a street and relaxed feel. PX-183Wall Brick Red Cassel […]

Long Brick

The exposed brick offers many virtues and, among them, versatility is without a doubt the most important characteristic of this material. Long Brick is the interior decorator’s secret for creating clean and open spaces. Its elongated form gives the setting a greater feeling of space, providing the ideal backdrop for large areas. PX-180Long Brick Red […]


The Espiga Brick decorative panel is a good option if you are looking for a rustic setting without putting aside the innovation that is inherent in a transgressive design. Its unique pattern captivates the gaze and gives the setting a natural feel. It can also be used to clad both interior and exterior walls and […]


Giving interior decoration a depth, texture and comfortable feel is a simple task with Panespol Aldaia panels. A perfect aesthetic solution to give projects the charm they need and the versatility provided by a panel that enriches the beauty of the surrounding furniture. PX-001Aldaia PX-001 9016Aldaia PX-069Aldaia Gris Rojizo Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive […]


The Viejo brick panel is the best option for achieving visual impact on projects. Elegant and versatile, in addition to its simple installation, it allows you to show naturalness without limits and offers unique decorative potential. PX-022Viejo PX-022 9016Viejo PX-029Viejo Teja PX-031Viejo Blanco PX-073Viejo Gris Rojizo PX-105Viejo Envejecido Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint […]


The decoration of walls with Caravista brick is one of the trends that is currently booming. The Panespol Caravista decorative brick panel adapts to all customers’ needs. It is a safe bet for creating open settings, featuring a fresh and bare brick aesthetic, without engaging in major building renovation work. PX-015 Caravista PX-015 9016 Caravista […]

Urban Brick

If vintage always creates a trend, New York lofts are a prime example. It is common to see brick-decorated walls, a leading material in most interior design projects, which seek the innate charm of showing the naturalness of the walls. With Panespol Urban Brick, settings are created with a special touch of pure industrial and […]


The industrial style was born in New York in the 50s and 60s, and since then it continues to be a trend, with brick as its star component. The Panespol Refractario decorative panel is a perfect choice for interior design, commercial spaces and places where striving for an urban and modern style. PX-002Refractario PX-002 9016Refractario […]


The hardness of brick is essential for adding personality to projects; its roughness and sensation of strength will inspire your creativity to find the character you need. Panespol Tosco decorative brick panels give a special touch to the most relaxed settings. PX-013Tosco PX-013 9016Tosco PX-071Tosco Gris Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint […]

English Brick

Bricks are historically one of the fundamental components in construction. That is why using Panespol English Brick panels provides the aesthetic solution that any design professional needs to convey a uniformity and geometry typical of genuine settings. PX-147 9016English Brick PX-147English Brick PX-148English Brick Marrón Technical specifications Dimensions: Installation accessories: Adhesive Joint sealant Joint paint […]