Pop Up Stores: Experiences in ephemeral spaces

One of the most widespread trends in the retail world during recent years has been the creation of ephemeral commercial spaces. Known as pop-up stores, these spaces don’t usually last very long as they’re timed to coincide with a product launch, a particular sales period or a specific event. Apart from their purpose, and the […]

Projects in the pipeline? You can trust Panespol®

In the words of architect Massimo Mussapi: “During recent years I’ve used many square metres of Panespol®, as it’s a unique material for creating atmospheres and conveying warmth”. There’s no doubt that the great versatility of the solutions offered by Panespol® is one of the best arguments in favour of positioning the brand as one of […]

The international train of ideas

Ideas, like large rivers, never have just one source. Willy Ley, rocket scientist (1906 -1969)     In common with many successful companies, Panespol® lifted off from just one great basic idea. But unless you want to fall out of the sky, you cannot stop there. To maintain your impetus, ideas must keep coming. So, […]