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One of the most widespread trends in the retail world during recent years has been the creation of ephemeral commercial spaces. Known as pop-up stores, these spaces don’t usually last very long as they’re timed to coincide with a product launch, a particular sales period or a specific event. Apart from their purpose, and the sector the brand or company belongs to, these kinds of establishments all have one feature in common: they all offer a brand experience.

With the boom in online trading, consumers have gradually been changing the way they do their shopping. Nowadays, retail stores have to offer something more than just a simple display of the items on sale. Pop-up stores enable retailers to give consumers that little bit extra in spaces designed to share a brand experience by holding activities inside them, plus, more importantly, by putting the emphasis on their design and decoration.

Decoration and design in pop-up stores is a key factor in offering a full brand experience

Panespol, an ideal solution for creating ephemeral spaces

Because it’s lightweight, easy to assemble, with a high standard of customisation and the ability to develop tailor-made solutions, Panespol is the ideal partner for creating this type of spaces. Products like the natural textures in our Natural range, or the possibility of creating any object in collaboration with our Panespol LAB team, places the company at the forefront of its field.

In addition to this, the brand’s extensive experience, with more than 15 years working with designers and studios across the world, the perfect conditions are in place to make Panespol solutions an essential part of creating your next ephemeral architecture project.

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