Buoyant UK shops and restaurants welcome “superior” Panespol ideas

UK distributor sees big future for polyurethane wall panels Retail and restaurants are thriving elements in a UK marketplace that has welcomed Panespol® since 2006, and where, says the local distributor of these exciting wall covering systems, “there seems to be no lack of investment in new outlets and refurbishing existing ones.” Big names on […]

BIG fish drink more water…
…and faster

Bigger panels for lightning assembly!       Bigger = faster may not be a constant equation. But guess what? When it comes to covering surfaces, bigger panels means faster application. And time = money is a universal constant that all project managers know only too well.     So Panespol® can now make panels […]

The international train of ideas

Ideas, like large rivers, never have just one source. Willy Ley, rocket scientist (1906 -1969)     In common with many successful companies, Panespol® lifted off from just one great basic idea. But unless you want to fall out of the sky, you cannot stop there. To maintain your impetus, ideas must keep coming. So, […]