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Nature has inspired interior decoration for humans since we first threw fur rugs on the floors of our caves.

But bringing the outside back in has never been so spectacular. That’s what makes Panespol® NATURAL MOSS  such a decoration revolution…and one in such great demand right now!

This is a surface covering that brings to all interiors a vibrant reminder of forests and gardens, the mystery of shady hinterlands and northern seascapes.

All interior ambients, especially in retail and public setttings, come alive with these moss textures. Touch them – and you will want to touch them – and your fingertips confirm the incredible realism we have given NATURAL MOSS .




It’s real because IT IS REAL. That’s our secret revealed. Every millimetre of these panelled natural coverings is actual moss, preserved and adapted to meet the appetites of designers and decorators hungry for new sensations. And it all meets with our usual safety standards and easy-assemble policy.


Let nature in

For centuries man has gone outside to seek the overwhelming embrace of natural locations for dancing, dining or chilling out. Now, thanks to ideas from PANESPOL® such as NATURAL MOSS , you can control the degree to which you want to borrow from nature’s charms, enhancing the relaxing sophistication of  interiors that make us feel in perfect harmony with wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

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