Inspiration and personality in our new Panespol panels

In Panespol we strive every day so you can find the inspiration that your projects need. Committed to continuous innovation, we embrace the challenge of exploring new paths and we present creative panels for you that, in addition to setting trends, will not leave any of your clients unmoved. BRICKS, the value of versatility Our panels in the […]

New stars in the Panespol® universe

New year, new surfaces! Panespol® premieres brave new designs, architectural twists, and some countrified brick delights to usher in 2018. There are four daring new models entering the BETON range in decorative polyurethane: we have finally launched a panel that perfectly captures the classic concrete masonry unit known as the cinder or breeze block (Bloque […]

Oak – for real, forever

The roots of the mighty Oak in design and decoration spread deep though symbolism and tradition, but it has never been so easy to add real Natural Wood to your interiors. Panespol® has now harnessed beautiful, pure wood in form of MDF boards veneered with authentic oak wood. This authentic Oak – NATURAL WOOD® – […]

BIG fish drink more water…
…and faster

Bigger panels for lightning assembly! Bigger = faster may not be a constant equation. But guess what? When it comes to covering surfaces, bigger panels means faster application. And time = money is a universal constant that all project managers know only too well. So Panespol® can now make panels in our ranges BRICKS, STONES, SLATES, […]

The nuances that make all the difference “MADERA ENCOFRADA”

Why our latest model is not just ‘more wood’ When Panespol® launches a new model – such as the latest addition to our Wood range, MADERA ENCOFRADA – you can be sure that plenty of thought has gone into the details. But we are not just talking here about the fine art of imitation. Yes, reproducing […]

Outside In – the organic attraction
of Natural Moss

Nature has inspired interior decoration for humans since we first threw fur rugs on the floors of our caves. But bringing the outside back in has never been so spectacular. That’s what makes Panespol® NATURAL MOSS  such a decoration revolution…and one in such great demand right now! This is a surface covering that brings to […]

The Colours of Natural Moss

The imagination that PANESPOL® applies to bring energy to our products is behind the extraordinary range of colours chosen for our range of moss coverings, beginning with the bucolic charm of Hobbitlike forests offered by our six great greens: Green, Medium Green, Spring Green, Pacific Green, Old Green, and Mint Green. We do moss in […]

BETON – the concrete appeal of the unfinished finish

In this quicksilver world of fads and fashions, a great slab of bare, brut concrete can be forcefully reassuring when placed out of its usual context and into interior settings. PANESPOL® BETON is our way of connecting with the faith many of us feel in the stark grey surfaces of architectural concrete left unfinished, a […]

The glare-free ugliness that brings purity and beauty

The brutalist movement in architecture has given us so many buildings with this unfinished finish that we are now well used to integrating its plainness into our interior configurations. Look around your towns and cities and you will be surprised to find almost as much plain concrete surface area out there as brick or bark. […]