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Spanish burger masters wrap their restaurants in an exclusive Panespol® design.

The Good Burger, a new restaurant chain bringing fine burgers to Spanish shopping spaces, wants its interiors to reflect its up-market food offer.

TGB aims to build a reputation for the “best good burger” by focusing its efforts on quality food ingredients while providing customers with surroundings that invite them to linger long after their meal is devoured.

And that is why this burgeoning business made a special request to Panespol® to make a bespoke TGB Caravista brick surface, an exclusive version of our top-selling bare brick wall covering panel.

These are perfect for all kinds of retail chains. Our polyurethane panels, which now come in very large sizes, are light, easy to transport, very easy to apply, and they meet the needs of businesses that need to set up shop quickly but without stinting on the quality of their interior decoration. Our brick looks exactly like the real thing and comes in a variety of brick sizes and looks, from retro to modern.

And if you really need your own exclusive version, as TGB did, we will be happy to help you design it, and we’ll make it for you.

The Good Burger is fast covering cities in Spain with its new formula, a burger made to a higher standard than its fast-food competitors, but with a Spanish twist. The company has opened over 50 restaurants so far in 11 Spanish cities, and it has moved into the top 3 of the Spanish burger sector.

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