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Panespol® is a laboratory of ideas and materials, a world of inventiveness in made-to-measure three-dimensional shapes, objects, displays, and structures for your most ambitious projects in retail, interiors, and architecture. See some of the amazing creations we have been asked to produce for top clients worldwide, from stone monoliths with LEDS to our fantastic natural moss range (yes, real forest moss, not a polymer).

The laboratory where ideas meet materials.

The Panespol® world is not flat but any shape you want. Our increasing fame as producers and suppliers of superb, easy-to-fit, textured wall coverings should not eclipse our innovative work in creating an infinite variety of three-dimensional structures that range from impressive blocks of faux concrete to real Scandinavian moss surfaces.

To satisfy the demands of architects, interior designers, and project directors all over the world, Panespol® works fast and efficiently as a laboratory of ideas and materials, producing all kinds of cutting-edge structures and objects to fit marketing campaigns and blend with aesthetic projects in retail, leisure, exhbition spaces, hotels,… Public spaces from shops to restaurants can count on us to bring the most imaginative projects to life in three dimensions.

For example, we furnished one client’s displays with ball and dumbbell structures (see photo), moulded from the real thing and then given a classic Beton-effect finish. We can work these from any original objects and deliver a perfect imitation in the specially-patented polymer materials that Panespol® researched and developed, all of which are light, fireproof, non-toxic, recyclable, and environment-friendly.


For another project designer, we combined different polymers with LEDs to produce these dramatic monoliths worthy of science fiction film set (see photo).


Careful handcrafting was used for another project, a large rock (see photo) which required the creation of an inner structure, followed by careful covering by hand with specially-created panels.

Give us your drawings and we can carry out all the artistic hands-on tasks needed to create the right pieces for your project, however many you need and however difficult the task. A real laboratory of ideas.

As you can see from our photographs, we can produce very complex geometric moulds and paint them to requirements, as we did when one multinational retailing concern required our expertise for its new seasonal image in its outlets worldwide. The calculations, handcrafting and execution of such difficult structures may not be evident in the finished product, but the truth is we would probably bore you if we described all the work that goes into such creations.


Our know-how also comes out in product lines such as our NaturalMoss® . Available in an assortment of deep, moody colours dyed using ecological food-based inks, this is not an imitation.

The moss used is collected by hand in the forests of Northern Europe, and is then carefully stabilised to ensure it needs no maintenance. It is exclusively for interior use and has enhaced some truly spectacular projects worldwide. Since it is natural, it must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat and air conditioning. This real moss must not be watered (it would lose its colour and properties), and its humidity must be kept above 50% (although if humidity is lowered, the plant will spring back to its full condition once the right humidity is restored).

You tell us what size you need panels to be, and we will meet those requirements. The panels are made of metal plates, and each small clump of moss is applied painstakingly by hand.

As you can see from the photo, Natural Moss by Panespol® can be arranged to fit patterns in any colours desired.

Panespol® is far from superficial and not flat at all when it comes to ideas – in fact, we are as multidimensional as you want us to be.

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