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Panespol® offers such a range of wall coverings that we have all you need when you need an association with country life, especially at altitude. And it can blend superbly with some of our subtle, more modern panels.

Some of the leading clients of Panespol® have opted for brilliant combinations using a semi-rustic effect, the country without any truly bucolic overtones. The key here is subtlety, such as the Bertz project incorporating our three suggestive textures to create a relaxing but uplifting atmosphere required for a beauty salon : Soria Sand (018 RW) for its gentle light, the classy but by no means dramatic contrast of Grey Slate (P-010), and what is the bonding decorative element here, RW Natural Gold, (NS-180).

For its wide range of sporting equipment, the Salomon Group has fitted stores worldwide with our imitation stone model Teruel Gris (P-054), finding the perfect association for customers thinking of fitness, moving in high and rarified mountain scenery, far from the soft damp, woodland mulch of more agrestic settings.

And these super-realistic panels are so easy to mount. Light to transport, they require no building work at all.

Another easy-to-instal panel is our Cuenca Stone (P-016), which imitates larger chunks of stone but again with a modern semi-rustic appeal. This was used by the Intersport sports store, another client who found these colours and textures allowed them to place their product in enhancing and appropriate backgrounds.

From our Panespol® Slates range, Soria Arena (P-018) offers another deliciously light and relaxing hue but with pleasing irregularity of shapes and deep gaps providing strong contrasting lines. Once again, this has proved the perfect covering for the walls of a hi-tech clothing company that provides for the high outdoors, Schöffel.

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