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When speaking of decoration or creation of a space, the focus is placed on the use of colour, on lighting or the proper selection of materials as main elements to make the idea sketched on the mood board a reality. But how important are textures in design?

The texture of a material or surface is undeniably essential to communicate sensations and give the space personality. The texture connects us with the more material side of the surface, with its origin. When we touch (or see) it, our mind creates sensations that we associate with them. Thus, a surface with a concrete texture communicates a certain dampness, or when we see a clay-like texture, we can almost recognise the human handprint left in the manufacturing process. What’s more, the characteristics of textured surfaces help to define an ambiance, since the texture modifies the way the light hits, or simply creates points to draw attention or visual accents to create contrasts.

“A material’s texture is much more than a simple finish; it’s an essential part of the design in any space”

Are you looking for a certain texture? We’ve got them all

Sprayed concrete, thermal clay, padded, volcanic stone… TEXTURES are Panespol’s® solution for design professionals who want to go one step further. Through this product range, we can explore all possibilities offered by textures, from those inspired by the wildest nature to revisited classics, or rhythmic geometries with basic colours, such as black and white, or more sophisticated chrome colours. Textures is an open door to imagination, to truly attain the desired finish to endow the space with the personality you’re after. And always with total control over the process, from the drawing table to installation in its definitive location.

  • T 025 9016 Kashi
  • PANESPOL TEXTILES es la gama ideal para diseñadores-exploradores de nuevos territorios: texturas inspiradas en la naturaleza más salvaje
  • PX 124 Termoarcilla NVJ
  • PX 134 7030 Proyectado
  • T 034 PLATA Sinkiang

“Panespol®‘s Textures range offers all kinds of textures to give personality to any commercial space”

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