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Ruddy Heaven! Coming soon: Panespol is to launch a new array of exciting finishes led by the ruddy beauty of rust—natural oxide surfaces—now an ingredient in high-end architectural and decor projects. Stores on red/orange alert.  

Architects and decorators have never been more in love with rust. The ruddy and corroded texture of iron oxide are now a firm feature of many classy design and construction projects, such as these luxury home treasures in Kew, London and Piura, Peru. Shop, restaurant, and other commercial interiors have also caught the industrial and steampunk vibes.

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And Panespol®, as both a connoisseur and trend-setter working jointly with leading creatives, is about to launch a ‘living’ rust finish as part of its range of design options. Having carefully sourced precious supplies of real rust, we have researched and experimented in order to discover how to successfully apply actual rust to any number of material surfaces.

Our new RUST coatings will soon be announced as part of a series of exciting special finishes—also High Gloss and Satin in any RAL colours—available as part of our LAB service, bespoke surfaces for all shapes and materials made to measure in sheets or 3D forms. And remember: these are ‘natural’ rusts, i.e. real rust applied to surfaces, as in the first experiments we made public on our stand at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf.

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  • Panespol ofrece acabados en oxido en cualquiera de sus gamas y figuras 3D

Get ready for a new ‘living’ RUST.

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