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The growth of personalisation in all areas is being rightly welcomed as a liberation from a more than a century of globalised repetition and imitation, in other words brand images that look almost exactly like each other.

What everyone really wants is diversity and differentiation, something that has often been easier to achieve for smaller, independent concerns who invest in tailor-made solutions to help them stand out in the crowd.

But for bigger chains and franchises, bringing something unique to a brand has meant searching for what Panespol has, with some degree of pride, now achieved with flying colours: blending the bespoke attention brought by the tailor to the sort of production quantities achieved through approaches famously honed by that other Taylor (Frederick Winslow Taylor 1856 – 1915), the father of scientific management in industrial efficiency.

This means that any brand with hundreds or even thousands of outlets can pipe its ideas through the Panespol LAB service, work with our team on developing infinite decoration and display possibilities (in any material, in 3D, to meet tight deadlines), and reproduce that idea in series wherever it needs to.

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This is where tailor meets Taylor, a happy combination of design customisation and manufacturing know-how, a win-win accord that the most forward-looking minds in the commercial marketplace have long strived to perfect.

Customisation even in medicine

The strategy of seeking boundless variety has only recently been acknowledged by the big players. It was 2011 when Coca-Cola decided to print its drinks bottles with up to 1000 first names. Now, the signs are that personalisation is reaching the point where brands have mastered use of data and analytics well enough to match specific offers to specific individuals.

Making things to measure is the future for everything in business, and even in medicine, which is looking at transforming our health through understanding the complexity of our needs, linking up knowledge as never before in bacteriology and molecular medicine, cutting across specialties and recognising that each person needs a specific healthcare approach.

Design has called for bespoke

Tailoring product and service is making a big comeback, although in architecture, the ‘bespoke’ philosophy has always been a prime creative drive. As it turns into a sales philosophy for new creators, suppliers must adapt and designers must take heed… and heart.

Panespol® is right at the forefront of this thrust to give chains, restaurant franchises and HoReCa in general, hotel groups, architecture, construction, and homes all they need to create something unique and original.

Business is still done in the physical world

While sharp brand image is channeled naturally through internet, Panespol® is aware it must serve clients who still do their business in a very physical planet. The mood changes we bring to spaces and surfaces through the potent realism of carefully-crafted textures and peerless imitations connect with our primary sensory experiences, such as sight, touch, and even weight.

Our universe of warm/cold, rough/smooth, heavy/light, old/new can no longer be conceived of as an off-the-shelf concept. Not by us as the leaders in supplying retail and interior design projects with cutting-edge systems and customised objects; nor by the top buyers, designers, and project managers we work with. What we make must conform to what the creator imagines.

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In design today, technology is allowing production to take on the ethos of graphics, which always has been about creating distinct brand images. The growing capacity of 3D printers is helping to spread personalisation even more.

Vision is even more key than technology

But can technology alone bring diversity if suppliers and producers are not mindful enough of what true personalisation means?

We do not think so. We think the tailor is indispensable, the figure with experience, the go-to for all projects, wild or conventional.

Widespread customisation may only just be gathering force, but we predict it will eventually engulf not only the shopping experience but the products themselves.

And Panespol® has been there right from the beginning, innovating, developing ways to craft highly customised solutions through its own design technology, patented materials, and individualistic outlook.

Panespol® is the tailor best prepared to take your measurements and deliver your originality in the quantities you need.

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