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  • Infinite colours

    Infinite colours

    Colour is one of the key elements in any spatial design project. Good use of colour is not only capable of generating volumes and separating spaces, it also conveys sensations to the person who is or will be occupying the space. As human beings we link emotions and moods to different colours, something that design ...

  • Pop Up Stores: Experiences in ephemeral spaces

    Pop Up Stores: Experiences in ephemeral spaces

    One of the most widespread trends in the retail world during recent years has been the creation of ephemeral commercial spaces. Known as pop-up stores, these spaces don’t usually last very long as they’re timed to coincide with a product launch, a particular sales period or a specific event. Apart from their purpose, and the ...

  • Color Alert: the upcoming season’s color

    Color Alert: the upcoming season's color

    Every year, Pantone puts out a selection of colors that different fashion, interior and other designers use to select the trends that will dress both us and our surroundings on a day-to-day basis. In its Fashion Color Trend Report for the last months of 2018 and to kick off 2019, Pantone introduces a combination of classic ...

  • Brilliant!


    There’s nothing like true brilliance if you want to shine in this world. Panespol® launches its new High Gloss finish, a stunning way to add ambient lustre and candescence to any surface. We have researched and experimented to find out how to successfully apply this brilliance as a special coating in any RAL colour to 3D as ...

  • The ruddy heaven of RUST tempts the design world

    The ruddy heaven of RUST tempts the design world

    Ruddy Heaven! Coming soon: Panespol is to launch a new array of exciting finishes led by the ruddy beauty of rust—natural oxide surfaces—now an ingredient in high-end architectural and decor projects. Stores on red/orange alert.   Architects and decorators have never been more in love with rust. The ruddy and corroded texture of iron oxide are ...

  • Reinventing Contract Decoration: Massimo Mussapi

    Reinventing Contract Decoration: Massimo Mussapi

    Massimo Mussapi is an architect, designer and lecturer at the Instituto Europeo di Design. This small video shows his experience with Panespol® decorative systems. It is a honour for our company to count with the point of view of such a renowned experienced designer. It is because of such demanding designers, that we can continue to learn ...

  • Reinventing Contract Decoration: Retail

    Reinventing Contract Decoration: Retail

    A big concrete block in a shop window? A quilted wall for a season? Shelves set in real natural moss from from north European forests? Brick walls? Stone walls? 3D displays in any desired colour and texture? The revolution has arrived! Ever since Panespol® first hit the marketplace for decor solutions with its versatile and inimitable light, ...

  • Bringing nature indoors, a blooming lifestyle trend

    Bringing nature indoors, a blooming lifestyle trend

    Alongside indoor plants from yucca to luxury orchids, natural foliage is making a big return to lifestyle choices in home decor. Social media sites, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are currently alive with suggestions for designers and homeowners searching for the right psychological effects from bringing environmental magic inside. Panespol® saw the trend coming a few years ...

  • Panespol® shines at EuroShop and spots the emerging decor trend: infinity

    Panespol<sup>®</sup> shines at EuroShop and spots the emerging decor trend: infinity

    With an interactive stand that did justice to its visual expertise, Panespol® reaped full benefit from its fourth appearance at the world’s biggest retail fair, EuroShop, held from March 5 to 9 in the fashionable German city of Düsseldorf. And while we made sure that international design firms put us right up there on their lists ...

  • Brave artists and Panespol®
    can save shops by making them great to visit

    Brave artists and Panespol<sup>®</sup></br> can save shops by making them great to visit

    The future of ‘live’ physical shopping is in jeopardy. And its survival in a world of online buying and robot-store experiences may well depend on the bravery and creativity of adventurous designers, decorators, and architects… …as well as suppliers of stylish, practical and eclectic decoration systems such as those created for over 15 years by Panespol® . But ...

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