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Three-dimensional, unimaginable elements, volumes that are inversely proportional to their weight and much more…  

Today’s commercial spaces are experiencing a time plagued with unknowns regarding the current change in purchasing and consumption behaviours. The reality is that we are all accomplices in a world where it is possible to buy and sell virtually anything without leaving home. 

It is an excellent example of the imminent technological evolution, but, on the other hand, an argument not to believe in the continuous innovation of commercial spaces that connect with the client, transmit brands’ personality, generate purchase stimuli and spaces that are an intrinsic and fundamental part of a sale.

That’s how it should be, or at least, that’s how the Panespol team sees it. This is the reason we have been working for decades to transform anything and everything -as difficult as it may seem- into something tangible and real

As designers’ growing frustration became palpable, forced to adapt to standard materials for their interior design and window dressing projects, in 2016, the company launched a service to produce original and exclusive materials and wallcoverings (unlike those that could be found in other standardised catalogues), to provide thousands of aesthetic, creative, and original solutions to offer designers materials that adapt to their ideas, and not vice versa.

This is how Custom Made was born, and with it, an infinity of imaginative and intelligent decorative solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a custom-made and reliable service for any conceivable idea: all types of materials or combination of materials, shapes, three-dimensionality…and any finish imaginable to add value to your project.

We are aware that the digital revolution has turned points of sale into the only places where the consumer can directly live the shopping experience. That’s why brands and the restaurant industry need to transform their commercial spaces with increasing frequency. They are experiential spaces where each change is an opportunity to reflect their unique personality. In this way, the “extraordinary” is no longer exceptional but the norm, making Custom Made a valuable asset for interior designers looking to develop their ideas.

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