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If we’ve learned anything through our great experience in the world of space decoration and creation, it’s that personalised solutions are necessary. No two projects are the same, and no two creators are the same, so a serially-manufactured, catalogued material often doesn’t provide a suitable response to the need. For this reason, at Panespol®, we decided to open up our R+D+i department to everyone. This way, Panespol LAB becomes a “laboratory,” where design professionals can develop 100% customised solutions in collaboration with our team.

Panespol LAB is Panespol’s response to a professional who needs 100%-customised solutions

A participatory and open process

One of the advantages of Panespol LAB is that there are no limits. So, the key to materialising an idea is communication and direct collaboration. Developing from scratch means we can customise each aspect and adjust results as we make progress.

When we begin developing a customised solution, the first step is to learn about the project, so we can start working on the model and testing, to attain the desired shape and finish. These prototypes are shared with the person in charge of the project, and the definitive versions to be built into the design are manufactured.

The final result

Coverings, decorative objects, construction elements, etc. Panespol LAB can develop any kind of object, so the secret to a great final result lies in the idea behind it all. And we know you’ve got great ideas waiting to materialise.

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