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Colour is one of the key elements in any spatial design project. Good use of colour is not only capable of generating volumes and separating spaces, it also conveys sensations to the person who is or will be occupying the space. As human beings we link emotions and moods to different colours, something that design professionals know and use in their favour when defining and creating their work.

Panespol® is aware of this fact and our experience working with leading studios and professionals across the sector has shown us that having a wide range of colours available exponentially multiplies the talent of the person applying them. This is why, here at Panespol®, we’re committed to offering people who entrust us with their projects the chance to create an almost infinite variety of surfaces and objects with the colour they need.

Having any colour to hand is fundamental for creating great projects

Every brand has its colour

One of the biggest requirements when developing retail projects for brands and companies is how to find a close fit between what makes them stand out and their target. Colour is, undoubtedly, one of a brand’s most characteristic features. Can you imagine Coca-Cola without red or Ikea without blue and yellow? Here at Panespol® we put all our know-how into coming up with solutions within the deadline and in keeping with what brands demand from the professionals they work with.

Yet another example of the level of customisation offered by Panespol®

Setting up the Panespol LAB involved the company raising its game and offering, in addition to decorative panels, all kinds of customised and adapted solutions. In this competitive world we know that extraordinary rather than mass-produced solutions are what’s needed. The ability to customize colour is a further example of Panespol’s drive to offer integrated solutions that meet the highest standards.

“Panespol is committed to customisation and continuing research via the Panespol LAB”

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