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In addition to their lightness, easy transportability, perfect ductility for cutting and shaping, our decorative panels have another key advantage, one we had to work very hard on to make our own: strength.

The resilience of Panespol® systems comes from our determination to find the right formulas for all our work.

When our managing director, José Juan Leva Candela, had the brainwave that led to this successful venture, he was at home awaiting a shop-bought wall-covering made of plaster (read about this here) that broke in transport before it reached him.

Worse still, he could have made the effort to mount this plaster covering and then seen it fall later due to its weight.

If you’re working to tight deadlines, in difficult-to-access spaces such as shopping centres, you don’t want to see your efforts end up in pieces on the floor.

This is why the idea of polyurethane panels beats all other ideas for wall coverings. The first research task facing Panespol® was to come up with a new polymer-based formula that would keep the lightness of this material but with added strength. Panespol® found a formula that provides polyurethane with a greater density than stone itself, and immediately patented it.

And with more inventions and formulas, more patents.

Another great Panespol® invention is the 3-4mm layer of extra fire protection on panels that guarantees worldwide fire standards are met for exporting our systems, with all required reaction-to-fire testing carried out and certificates issued and available for inspection by all clients.

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