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That third little anthropomorphic piggie who made his house out of brick did a good job of reinforcing the symbolism of our most popular building block.

And Panespol® has done an amazing job of imitating a great variety of the brick surfaces that make up our environment, providing decorators with lightweight and beautifully realistic, easy-to-mount panels that look exactly like the real thing, capturing all those comforting associations we find so alluring: the safety and security bricks represent for us, the sense of belonging to an urban community, perhaps even the notion of strength in unity (psychologists could have a fine old time with this symbol).

You may be familiar with the interiors of one of our biggest clients, Burger King. The ‘Home of the Whopper’ has a brick-built brand image based on interiors featuring our polyurethane Cara Vista (P-015) brick model, a sign of solidity and honesty.

Another use of our Cara Vista (P-015) model was extensively used to create a light and elegant feel for Kiehl’s Store, Dubai.

Mustang Jeans set up an impressive and powerful exhibition stand based on our steady and simple Cara Vista (P-015).

Panespol® bricks can work superbly in hotels too, as the 5-star Hotel Penta showed with its use of our red-gray Cara Vista brick (P-072).

In Switzerland, the restaurant chain Bandits created an inviting exterior using our Ladrillo Viejo (P-022), one of a number of models by Panespol® that faithfully create aged brick textures.

In the town of Sliema, in the central region of Malta, the Urban Jungle House of Sport set up a stunning ambient by covering its walls with a combination from our brick range, the Ladrillo Nuevo UJ and Ladrillo Nuevo Blanco (9016), completing the urban association with a concrete texture, Beton Tablas (T-022) from our Beton range.

Another valued client, the Le P’tit Basque tapas bar in France, made use of our old brick model Ladrillo Viejo (P-022) in a splendid combination with the rustic model Piedra Cuenca Restos (P-045).

Other examples of just how good an effect brick can provide, and just how many different business settings it can enhance, are in the project Traço M-Arquitectura “Casa de Cha-Sra Aparecida” Lousada, Portugal (Cara Vista Blanco), and the currently very fashionable white brick Cara Vista (P-015), as used in the AFFI shopping centre, Verona, Italy.

Confirmation that brick really is the right stuff came from none other than decoration guru, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, who used our Cara Vista (P-015) model to cover the walls of his stand at the Ideal Home Exhibition.

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